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Partners of Australian citizens and permanent residents may be eligible for one of the following Partner Visas:

Prospective Spouse:  Subclass 300 (offshore only)

 Temporary:Subclass 820(onshore)      Subclass 309 (offshore)

Permanent:  Subclass 801(onshore)       Subclass 100   (offshore)

If you are in Australia:

Spouse (temporary) subclass 309 leads to Spouse (permanent) subclass 100

Prospective Spouse subclass 300 allows you to enter Australia and marry your fiancé / fiancée within 9 months and apply for a spouse visa in Australia 

Partner migration is one of our specialty areas. We have assisted many couples to move to, or remain in Australia and understand that the immigration process can be complex, burdensome and stressful. We appreciate that clients’ private lives and intimate relationships can be put to the test. We provide compassionate, candid advice and assistance in putting together the strongest application possible. 

How we are able to assist:

*Determining your eligibility for one of the above visa subclasses

*Preparing your application and any submissions wherever you are located and wherever the application may need to be lodged

*Assisting with the preparation of detailed statements in support of the application

*Assisting you to prepare and obtain any evidence required by the Immigration Department in support of your application

*Providing assistance and advice on how to make an application from outside Australia

*Providing assistance where relationships break down and in cases involving domestic violence or custody of children

Partner migration includes:

Spouse Migration: Married or de facto couples or couples in same sex relationships or couples (of the same sex or opposite sex) that have registered their relationship. 

Prospective Marriage Migration: Couples engaged to be married. 

It is available to non-Australians who form relationships with either Australian citizens or permanent residents, or  eligible New Zealand citizens. The applicant usually needs to be sponsored by their Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizens

Prospective Spouse:  Subclass 300 (offshore only)
 Temporary:Subclass 820(onshore)       Subclass 309 (offshore)
 Permanent:  Subclass 801(onshore)       Subclass 100   (offshore)